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Flag Request

My staff can help organizations and individuals purchase flags that have been flown over the United States Capitol Building for special occasions such as retirements, birthdays and anniversaries. The flag is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the Architect of the Capitol stating the name of the person or organization that the flag was flown for, the date, and the occasion.

If you would like help ordering a flag, please complete the form below, print it, and mail it with a check made out to "Keeper of the Stationery" to my office.

Qty. Size Material Price Flown over Capitol Sub-total
3' x 5' Cotton $9.25 Yes ($4.05 per flag)  
3' x 5' Nylon $9.00 Yes ($4.05 per flag)  
5' x 8' Cotton $20.00 Yes ($4.05 per flag)  
5' x 8' Nylon $18.00 Yes ($4.05 per flag)  
Shipping & Handling ($4.00 per Flag) $0.00
Total $0

In Honor of

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Payment Information

Note: This form cannot process transactions, after clicking the submit button you will be able to print off your completed form. Please mail this form with payment to:

Flag Request
c/o Senator Ted Kaufman
383 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington D.C. 20510

Mail Security

Please note that due to heightened security in the U.S. Capitol, mail service to my Washington, D.C. Senate office is significantly delayed. If you have any correspondence that is time sensitive, please use alternatives such as e-mail, phone, or fax.