Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Kaufman Condemns Latest Republican Attack on Federal Employees in “Pledge to America”

September 23, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman (D-Del.) released the following statement Thursday in reaction to the most recent Republican attack on the federal workforce outlined in their “Pledge to America”:
“Once again, Republican leaders have chosen short term political gain over what is best for America. Cutting the pay or freezing the hiring of federal employees will only leave us vulnerable to the kind of dangerous regulatory lapses we experienced under the Bush Administration. And it is based on a seriously flawed view of federal employee pay.
“The truth is that nearly 2 million – a number that has stayed virtually the same since 1960 despite a 40% increase in U.S. population – wake up every day and go to work for the American people, for their neighbors, their friends and family, for folks they have never met or will never meet. The claim that they are paid twice on average what their counterparts make in the private sector is scurrilous and false.  Indeed, the facts are that most federal employees are serving their country at a sacrifice.  
“Americans want government that works.  They want better government, not smaller. We won't achieve that by vilifying those who choose to work in public service - often at great sacrifice - and strive toward that end every day.”
Kaufman has consistently criticized those who have called for pay cuts and hiring freezes for federal employees, instead calling for a strategic investment in the future of our federal workforce.
See HERE <http://kaufman.senate.gov/press/floor_statements/statement/?id=49172ec4-d7a4-4501-b9e2-7a1ba9aca284> for a September 15 speech on the importance of investing in our federal workforce.

See HERE <http://kaufman.senate.gov/press/press_releases/release/?id=cc01c1e8-7220-4c3b-804b-4223d811c600> for a June 17 speech blasting an amendment to the Tax Extenders bill that would have frozen pay for all non-military federal employees, as well as capped hiring across the federal government.

Hailed as the “Senate’s Champion of Civil Service <http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/06/AR2009070603768.html> ” by the Washington Post, Kaufman – a federal employee himself for 22 years – has taken to the Senate floor each week since May 2009 to thank “Great Federal Employees <http://kaufman.senate.gov/great_feds/> ” for their hard work and dedication to serving the American people.


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