Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Kaufman Applauds Secretary Clinton’s Internet Freedom Speech

Senator supports Clinton’s bold rejection of online censorship and defense of freedom globally

January 21, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Ted Kaufman (D-DE) released the following statement following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s speech on Internet Freedom, which he attended earlier today:

“I applaud Secretary Clinton for giving a landmark speech today on the critical nature of Internet freedom throughout the world.  The Internet has created new opportunities in economic development, education, health, security, disaster relief, and diplomacy. With these opportunities, however, has come censorship by governments to silence the voices of their people, especially in countries such as China and Iran.
“I am pleased with the Secretary’s bold rejection of censorship, strong defense of freedom of expression, and support for a multilateral approach to this growing phenomenon globally.  I strongly support her leadership and the State Department initiatives she announced, including the promotion of circumvention technology and increased cooperation with the technology industry.  Internet freedom is closely tied to global security and economic growth, and must therefore be a multilateral effort and diplomatic priority.  
“Secretary Clinton framed Internet freedom as a fundamental right alongside freedom of speech, expression, and assembly.  It is a moral imperative and responsibility for the United States to promote unfettered access to the Internet, and I echo the Secretary’s call to recommit ourselves to this cause and champion these freedoms globally.”


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