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KaufmanConnection: Working to Restore Confidence in Our Economy

April 24, 2009

Senator Ted Kaufman's E-Newsletter

Kaufman working to Restore Confidence in Our Economy

Ted Works to Restore Confidence in Our Economy

This week, the Senate is debating Ted’s bipartisan legislation that will provide federal agencies with the additional resources they need to identify prosecute and jail those who have committed financial fraud. Ted has led the effort to restore investor confidence in the financial markets by giving law enforcement all it needs to crack down on criminal behavior by unscrupulous mortgage brokers and corrupt financiers.

Watch Ted’s statement on the financial fraud bill »

Kaufman on Earth Day

On Earth Day, Ted Moves to Expand White Clay Creek’s “Wild and Scenic” Designation

Building on an effort he helped to initiate thirty years ago, Ted introduced legislation to further expand protection of Delaware’s only “Wild and Scenic” river. The measure, supported by Sen. Tom Carper as well, will increase the total designated area to 199 miles.

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Ted Visits Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan

Ted Visits Delaware's 261st Signal Brigade in Iraq

Ted just returned from an 8-day trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he met with high-ranking foreign leaders, diplomats and American military commanders for a first hand perspective of the situations on the ground in each country. Ted also had the honor of being greeted by a C-17 from Dover upon landing in Baghdad.

View a slideshow from Ted’s trip »

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