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KaufmanConnection: Senate Moves Closer to Health Care Reform and a Bold Plan for Afghanistan

December 22, 2009

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Senator Kaufman speaks at a press conference on health care reform

Senate Moves Closer to Health Care Reform

The Senate is now closer than ever to passing a health care reform bill that truly protects what works in our system and fixes what’s broken. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – detailed on Ted’s redesigned homepage – would make affordable, quality coverage available to more than 100,000 Delawareans who currently go without health care.

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Senator Kaufman has visited Afghanistan twice this year

Ted Says 18-month Deadline for Troop Withdrawal is “Key Point” in President’s Afghanistan Plan

Describing President Obama’s Afghanistan strategy as a “bold plan” that will motivate President Karzai to finally address corruption, Ted reiterated that the clock is ticking for the Afghan leader to match his rhetoric with action by taking steps to improve government accountability, deliver essential services, strengthen the rule of law, tackle the drug trade and improve economic conditions.

Senator Kaufman chairs fraud enforcement hearing

Ted Chairs Hearing on Role of Financial Fraud in the Economic Meltdown

At a December 9 hearing, Ted told three of the nation’s top law enforcement officials that he “like many Americans, remains frustrated that the responsible agencies have not been able to bring more high-level crooks to account.”

Watch his appearance on CNBC’s “Squawk Box”

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