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Sen. Kaufman Discusses Goldman Hearing on CNN

April 27, 2010

Kaufman Connection - Highlights of Ted s work for Delaware

June 11, 2010

 Sen. Kaufman Discusses Goldman Hearing on CNN

Sen. Kaufman, a member of the Senate Investigations Subcommittee, appeared on CNN on Tuesday, April 27, to discuss the panel's questioning of Goldman Sachs executives. Watch HERE.

Watch Sen. Kaufman discuss the Goldman Sachs fraud hearing as well as the state of the Wall Street reform bill in the Senate:

Tuesday, April 27: 8:15 p.m. on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"

Wednesday, April 28: 1:30 p.m. on FOX Business Network and 3:25 p.m. on MSNBC


Sen. Kaufman's Fight For Wall Street Reform:

Last week, Sen. Ted Kaufman, along with Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, announced the SAFE Banking Act of 2010, new legislation that would place reasonable caps on the size and leverage of the nation’s behemoth financial institutions.

Their efforts were quickly touted by the media as “the most purely Jeffersonian piece of legislation that Congress has seen in decades” (Washington Post, April 24) and “well crafted” (The Nation, April 26).

In an April 23 ABC News piece, titled "The Most Important Person You've Never Heard of in Washington's Push to Reform Wall Street", Matthew Jaffe writes, "The man who served more than two decades as a top aide to Vice President Joe Biden -- and was his hand-picked choice to take over the Senate seat he vacated -- is very much his own man on the issue of the moment." Read the full story HERE.


Other press on Sen. Kaufman and the SAFE Banking Act:

In an April 27 Washington Post article Sen. Kaufman told reporter Perry Bacon : "What do we have to do before someone sends the message that these things are too big and that this Congress cannot pass the buck to the regulators who didn't do the job in the past?" he said. "What are we doing now as senators on the floor, passing legislation based on the fact 'I trust my regulators now'? Why aren't we passing legislation that will work over the next two or three generations?" Read the full article HERE.


In an April 23 Bloomberg Business Week article by MIT professor and co-author of 13 Bankers, Simon Johnson notes: "Now Kaufman is the man of the moment, having laid out a convincing path to a far-reaching financial overhaul. ... Kaufman’s point is simple and powerful. When corporate interests get out of control and start to hurt society, we typically deal with the issue in a constructive manner -- breaking up oversized companies, such as AT&T Corp., and regulating activities that are manifestly dangerous to society, as was done with banking from the 1930s." Read the full article HERE.


In Frank Rich's April 24 New York Times column, he writes, "Perhaps the most productive tactic comes from Ted Kaufman, Democrat of Delaware, who is using his lame-duck residence in the Senate (as the appointee to Joe Biden’s old seat) to demand that we root out the 'fraud and potential criminal conduct' that 'were at the heart of the financial crisis.'" Read the full column HERE.



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