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KaufmanConnection: Ted Focuses on Wall Street Reform and Questions Supreme Court Nominee

July 21, 2010

Senator Ted Kaufman's E-Newsletter

Senator Kaufman chairs fraud enforcement hearing

Wall Street Reform Signed into Law

Despite its shortcomings in dealing with “too big to fail” banks, Ted believes the final bill includes important reforms, such as an independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and critical derivatives regulations.

In the wake of the May 6 stock market “flash crash” Ted continues to raise questions about the lack of transparency in high frequency trading and other financial market structure practices, which many believe played a role in the sudden market plunge.

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Senator Kaufman speaks at a press conference on health care reform

Hard Lessons Learned from Tragedy in the Gulf

With an economy that relies so heavily on coastal services and tourism, Delaware simply cannot afford the damages from a Deepwater Horizon-like oil spill. This is why Ted has long opposed drilling off Delaware’s shores. For too long, a deregulatory mindset in this country allowed irresponsible industry players like BP to take “shortcuts,” putting our nation at tremendous risk. Ted strongly supports President Obama’s efforts to overhaul the responsible regulatory agencies. The long-term solution, however, lies in the President’s continued focus on developing a clean energy economy for the 21st century.

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Senator Kaufman chairs fraud enforcement hearing

Ted Travels to the Middle East

During a week-long trip to the Middle East in early July, Ted assessed dynamics in the region. Ted met with top officials in Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, and the West Bank, as well as with Vice President Joe Biden when they were both in Iraq. “The vast array of challenges in the Middle East are complex, but near universal agreement exists in the region regarding two key issues,” he said. “First, Arab states and Israel share a common desire to stop Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program. Second, all parties support a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

Ted also announced his support for the change of command in Afghanistan, calling David Petraeus, “the best person to lead the mission in Afghanistan.”

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