Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Delaware senators vote to move ahead health reform debate

Source: The News Journal


November 23, 2009

In Saturday night's filibuster-busting vote to bring a landmark health care reform bill to the floor, Delaware's two senators, both Democrats, each weighed in with yes votes

Delaware's senior senator, Tom Carper, offered muted praise in an interview minutes after the 60-39 vote, saying that now, "we take the next step to hopefully doing a lot better than the status quo."

He said health care in this country costs far too much and buys insufficient results. But of the bill, he added, "I think we can do a bit better."

Carper is among centrist Democrats seeking changes to the bill, including the definition of a "public option."

"If we don't truly rein in the growth of health care costs in a meaningful way, the coverage we extend to those who have no coverage today will not be enduring, it will not be sustainable," Carper said.

He said he wants to make sure the bill addresses affordability, and "if we do it in a public option, it's not in a form that ultimately is government-run and government-funded." Carper didn't tip his hand on how he and other centrists would do that, but some have discussed a not-for-profit board running the plan, designed to increase competition among health insurance companies.

Delaware's junior senator, Ted KAUFMAN, also a Democrat, released a statement praising the vote.

KAUFMAN said, "The bill will increase competition among insurance companies and give consumers more affordable choices. And it will eliminate the insurance industry's two most outrageous practices, which have financially crippled too many Delawareans: denying coverage for pre-existing conditions and revoking insurance when it is needed the most."

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