Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

On the Senate Floor, Sen. Kaufman Recognizes Great Federal Employee, Judge Timothy Rice

June 7, 2010

Madam President, I rise today to recognize another of our Nation's great Federal employees.

Since first embarking on this series over a year ago, I have honored so many dedicated public employees from across the executive branch. I have shared the stories of some who work in the legislative branch as well. Today, it is my distinct privilege to highlight an outstanding public servant from the Federal judiciary.

Ever since the First Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1789, one of the hallmarks of American life has been our fair and independent judicial system. Indeed, our courts have long been the envy of the world and a model for other nations.

It has been an honor to serve on the Judiciary Committee and to participate in the confirmation of Federal judges. Over the past year in office and in my many years of working as chief of staff for the former Judiciary chairman, Joe Biden, I have met so many highly qualified judges.

America's Federal judges have, at times, faced great danger. From those who served on the frontier in the 19th century to those who today face ever-increasing threats from angry litigants and others, Federal judges honor us all through selfless devotion to duty.

Although they come from diverse backgrounds, judges must all share a dedication to justice and the law. For so many, these are truly a passion. They don their robes each day inspired by the biblical pronouncement: ``justice, justice, you shall pursue.''

The great Federal employee I am honoring today serves as a magistrate judge for the district court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. That court falls under the jurisdiction of the Third Circuit, which also covers Delaware.

Judge Timothy Rice has been a Federal magistrate judge since 2005. Before coming to the bench, Tim spent 17 years working for the Justice Department as an assistant U.S. attorney. He served as chief of the Eastern District's financial crimes section from 1995-1997 and later as chief of the public corruption section from 1997-2002. In his last 3 years as an assistant U.S. attorney, Tim served as chief of the criminal division.

While obtaining his law degree magna cum laude from Temple University, he held the position of editor-in-chief of the Temple Law Review. After graduating he clerked for Judge Anthony Scirica of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Before attending law school, Tim worked for 4 years as a news reporter for the Observer-Dispatch in Utica, NY.

Despite his busy schedule presiding over a wide range of criminal and civil matters, Tim makes time to give back to his community and his country. He has taught courses at the Temple University School of Law since 1990, and he was appointed last year by Chief Justice John Roberts to serve on the Advisory Committee on Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure of the U.S. Judicial Conference.

Tim volunteers his time with a number of charitable Catholic organizations, such as the St. Vincent De Paul Society and Response Ability. He also works with Philadelphia Reads, a literacy mentorship program for second grade students.

As a magistrate judge, Tim cofounded the Supervision to Aid Re-entry or ``STAR'' program to help reduce recidivism among ex-offenders. Not only has the 3-year-old STAR program helped dozens of ex-offenders make a smoother transition back into society, it has also saved the Federal prison system an estimated $380,000. With volunteers from the court system, the Philadelphia Bar Association, and area law schools, as well as support from local charitable organizations, the STAR program mentors ex-offenders to finish high school or college, find employment, and avoid a return to crime. Thanks in large part to Tim's commitment, energy, and vision, the STAR model is being replicated elsewhere around the country.

Tim and his wife Elaine have passed on a love of public service to their daughters, Meghan and Courtney, who work for the State Department and have been assigned to numerous overseas posts since 2005, including war-time service by both in Iraq. Their youngest daughter, Caitlin, just graduated from the College of Charleston.

Judge Timothy Rice is just one of hundreds of Federal judges across the Nation working day in and day out to fulfill the promise of our Constitution's preamble to ``establish justice'' throughout this land. I hope my colleagues will join me in thanking him and all those serving in the Federal judiciary for their tireless work to protect our lives and our liberties. They are all truly great Federal employees.

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