Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Great Federal Employees Initiative

Since May 2009, Ted has addressed the Senate each week in honor of exemplary federal employees, thanking them for their hard work and unsung dedication to serving the American people. Himself a veteran public servant, Senator Kaufman hopes these stories will inspire Americans to consider careers as federal employees and plans to continue sharing examples of their important accomplishments throughout his term.

100 Great Federal Employees
Michelle  O'Neill

Michelle O'Neill »

Michelle O’Neill has served as Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade since 2005.  In this role, Michelle supervises the day-to-day operations of the International Trade Administration, or “ITA.”  The ITA has over 2,400 employees and an operating budget of over $400 million, and its mission is to promote American exports and ensure fair access to overseas markets for our businesses. 

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Teri Glass

Teri Glass »

The winner of this year’s National Security and International Affairs Medal led a U.S. Army team at Fort Detrick, Maryland, that developed a new kind of medical kit to help troops wounded by roadside bombs. Teri Glass and her team created a unique medical evaluation kit that has allowed medics in the field to transport wounded troops more safely and efficiently to hospitals.

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Shane Kelley and Eva Ristow

Shane Kelley and Eva Ristow »

This year’s Citizens Services Medal was awarded to a pair of officials also from Colorado.  Shane Kelley and Eva Ristow work in the Denver office of the Social Security Administration.  They won for their work to expand access to Social Security benefits for those living in impoverished and rural areas using an online two-way video service.

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Pius Bannis

Pius Bannis »

This year’s Federal Employee of the Year Medal was awarded to Pius Bannis, a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer who helped expedite the adoption of more than 1,100 orphans in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January.  Mr. Bannis was the only American immigration official in the country working on adoption in the first weeks following the quake.

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Sandra Brooks

Sandra Brooks »

As Deputy Director of Intelligence and Security and Chief of Innovative Technology for the Navy’s Joint Interagency Task Force South, Sandra Brooks won this year’s Homeland Security Medal.  Sandy’s efforts have directly led to the capture of over twenty submersible vehicles used to bring illegal drugs into our country. 

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Saskia van Gendt

Saskia van Gendt »

A resource conservation expert at the Environmental Protection Agency, Saskia van Gendt won this year’s Call to Service Medal for her work on fostering green building technologies.

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Jamie Konstas

Jamie Konstas »

This year’s Justice and Law Enforcement Medal was won by Jamie Konstas at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  An intelligence analyst, Jamie helped create a national online database used in investigations into the trafficking of minors for sex.

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Jeffrey Baker

Jeffrey Baker »

The Science and Environment Medal for 2010 was awarded to the Department of Energy’s Jeffrey Baker.  As the Director of the Office of Laboratory Operations at the Department’s field office in Golden, Colorado, Jeffrey has been the driving force behind the design and construction of the largest net-zero energy office building in the world.

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Susan Solomon

Susan Solomon »

Honoring those who have spent many years in federal government, the Career Achievement Medal was won this year by Susan Solomon, a senior scientist in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado.

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Michael Copps

Michael Copps »

Mike is currently in his second term as an FCC Commissioner, having been appointed twice by President George W. Bush.  Before his appointment to the FCC, Mike served at the Department of Commerce as the Assistant Secretary for Trade Development and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Basic Industries.

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Alison McNally

Alison McNally »

Alison McNally serves as the Undersecretary for Finance and Administration at the Smithsonian Institute. … She plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of the Smithsonian, helping to ensure that it continues to provide the services Americans and foreign visitors have long enjoyed.

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Jayne Armstrong

Jayne Armstrong »

Jayne Armstrong currently serves as the SBA District Director for Delaware. … Since coming to Delaware, Jayne has become one of the greatest advocates for First State entrepreneurs. She has helped hundreds of Delawareans turn ideas into businesses.

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Dr. Eddie Bernard

Dr. Eddie Bernard »

Dr. Eddie Bernard has served as Director of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle, Washington, since 1982.  One of the leading experts on tsunamis, he has published over eighty scientific articles and edited books on the phenomenon.

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The FTC Do Not Call Team

The FTC Do Not Call Team »

In 2003, six outstanding employees of the Federal Trade Commission worked together to implement the national “Do Not Call” registry. Americans used to be plagued by telemarketer solicitations – which always seemed to come just as families were sitting down at the dinner table.  Led by Eileen Harrington, the FTC’s Do Not Call Team consisted of Lois Greisman, Allen Hile, Stephen Warren, Carolyn Shanoff, and Lawrence DeMille-Wagman.  They all brought to the table a strong background in a number of fields, including law, marketing, and business. 

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Dr. Regan Murray

Dr. Regan Murray »

Dr. Regan Murray is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and she holds a bachelor’s degree from Kalamazoo College and a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona.  After completing her doctorate, she worked in the private sector but soon realized that she wanted to make a difference by serving her country. Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001, Regan started working for the Environmental Protection Agency as a Mathematical Statistician.

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Dr. John  Kitching

Dr. John Kitching »

Dr. John Kitching was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the areas of applied science, engineering, and mathematics.  Dr. Kitching has been leading the world’s top research program in atomic measurement.

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Dr. Elite Tiesinga

Dr. Elite Tiesinga »

Dr. Eite Tiesinga was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of basic science.  Dr. Tiesinga works at NIST on ultra-cold atoms.   By manipulating these atoms, scientists can carefully tune the quantum gases that might one day power quantum computers.

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Kana Enomoto

Kana Enomoto »

Kana Enomoto was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of managerial and legal achievement.  Kana won the award for a distinguished career working on mental health access.  She served as a leader in this area in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina through her work at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Natalie Harrop

Natalie Harrop »

Natalie Harrop was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of managerial and legal achievement.  Natalie, of the Air Force Global Logistics Center in Utah, distinguished herself as a lead budget analyst for the Air Force’s 748th Supply Chain Management Group.

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Dr. Dietrich Leibfried

Dr. Dietrich Leibfried »

Dr. Dietrich Leibfried was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of basic science. Dr. Leibfried is one of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s leading experts on quantum computing.  This exciting field could lead to supercomputers faster and more powerful than the best ones we have today.

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Dr. Steven Brown

Dr. Steven Brown »

Dr. Steven Brown was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the areas of applied science, engineering, and mathematics.  Dr. Brown, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and his team have made great strides in the field of light measurement that have enabled more detailed environmental imaging of Earth.

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Dr. Shyam Sharan

Dr. Shyam Sharan »

Dr. Shyam Sharan was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of basic science.  Dr. Sharan, of the National Cancer Institute at NIH, has developed a simple and reliable way to analyze genetic mutations that increase a patient’s chances of developing breast cancer.  

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Angela Clowers

Angela Clowers »

Angela Clowers was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of managerial and legal achievement. Angela works at the Government Accountability Office, and she led the GAO’s efforts to audit transportation investments made under the Recovery Act

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Dr. Lynn  Antonelli

Dr. Lynn Antonelli »

Dr. Lynn Antonelli was a 2010 recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the areas of applied science, engineering, and mathematics. Dr. Antonelli is leading the way in developing laser-based sensors for the Navy.

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Dr. Marla Dowell

Dr. Marla Dowell »

Dr. Marla Dowell was a recipient of the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in the field of managerial and legal achievement.  Dr. Dowell of NIST’s laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, leads the world’s most comprehensive research program in laser metrology.

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Honorable Timothy  Rice

Honorable Timothy Rice »

Judge Timothy Rice has been a Federal magistrate judge since 2005.  Before coming to the bench, Tim spent seventeen years working for the Justice Department as an Assistant U.S. Attorney.  He served as Chief of the Eastern District’s Financial Crimes Section from 1995-1997 and later as Chief of the Public Corruption Section from 1997-2002.

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Steve Shackleton

Steve Shackleton »

Steve Shackleton has been a National Park ranger for over a quarter-century.  He began his service in the 1980s at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where he worked in the areas of search and rescue, emergency medicine, and law enforcement. During that time, he spent six summers fighting fires in California’s Sierra National Forest.

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Cynthia Bascetta

Cynthia Bascetta »

Cynthia Bascetta had worked for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) for thirty years when she was set to retire.  However, the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina caused her to delay her retirement, and she decided to remain in public service.  As the GAO’s Director for Health Care, Cynthia leads two major reviews of public health care infrastructure in New Orleans to ensure that recovery funds are being spent wisely and for the greatest benefit.

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Cathleen Berrick

Cathleen Berrick »

Cathleen Berrick has spent her whole career as a public servant. ... Cathleen has been at the forefront of ensuring the accountability of government for many years.  As the Managing Director at the GAO for Homeland Security and Justice, she has led comprehensive analyses of potential security vulnerabilities at the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and suggested key improvements.

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Alan Estevez

Alan Estevez »

Alan Estevez is the Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics and Military Readiness. ... There are thousands of pieces of equipment and supplies that need to be transported in and out of an area of operations. Alan has been working since 1981 to make our military logistics system more efficient.

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Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford »

Special Agent Robert Rutherford won the 2002 Service to America Medal for Justice and Law Enforcement for his work at the U.S. Customs Service, which has since been renamed as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.  Robert served as the Group Supervisor for the Customs Service’s Air-Marine Investigations Group in Miami, and his primary job was to keep illegal drugs from reaching American shores.

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Anh Duong

Anh Duong »

Anh Duong has worked for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, in Indian Head, Maryland, for twenty-seven years.  But her relationship with the U.S. Navy goes back farther.  She came to this country after escaping Vietnam as a teenager, having fled by helicopter to a Navy vessel off-shore.

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Riaz Awan

Riaz Awan »

Riaz Awan served as the Energy Department’s attaché in the Ukraine, and he won the 2003 Service to America Medal for International Affairs in recognition of the several years he spent living near the site of the Chernobyl disaster and working with the local communities to mitigate its social and economic impact.

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Alyson McFarland

Alyson McFarland »

Alyson McFarland had only worked at the State Department for three years when she found herself in the middle of a tense diplomatic situation. ... One summer day, in 2002, three North Korean refugees jumped over the consulate wall, seeking asylum. ... Alyson was one of the only Korean-speakers working in the consulate, and she quickly became instrumental in communicating with the refugees and authorities from the Chinese and South Korean governments.

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Kenneth Concepcion

Kenneth Concepcion »

Kenneth Concepcion served as Chief of U.S. Flag Deepdraft Vessels and Plan Review for the Coast Guard at the time of the September 11 attacks.  On that fateful morning, Kenneth was the first Coast Guard employee on the scene arriving at New York’s Pier Eleven just twenty minutes after the collapse of the second tower. ... Thanks to Kenneth’s leadership and steady hand, the Coast Guard was able to evacuate 70,000 people from Lower Manhattan that morning.

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Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger

Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger »

Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger is one of NASA’s new Educator Astronauts. ... As an Educator Astronaut, Dottie works with NASA’s Education program, helping to develop new ways to bring space and STEM subjects into the classroom and inspiring girls and boys alike to follow in her footsteps by studying science.

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Thelma Stubbs Smith

Thelma Stubbs Smith »

A native of Chicago, Thelma began her public service career during World War II, when she worked for the Selective Service System and the Office of Price Administration.  After the war, she worked as a secretary at the Veterans Administration before coming to Washington to work for the Pentagon’s Guided Missiles Committee. ... In 1969, when Melvin Laird was confirmed as Secretary of Defense, he asked Thelma to serve as his personal assistant.

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Ronald O'Rourke

Ronald O'Rourke »

Ronald O'Rourke is a specialist in naval affairs at CRS, writing reports and providing guidance to members of Congress and their staffs on naval and military issues for twenty-five years.  He has become one of the CRS’s most renowned experts on major defense programs.

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Mary Klutts

Mary Klutts »

Mary Klutts first served in the U.S. Marines before coming to work at the Library of Congress in 1990 as a budget analyst. In her nineteen years of service at the Library, Mary has become an expert in every aspect of the Library’s operating budget.  Since 2007, when she was named Budget Officer, Mary has set out to transform the way the Library’s budget proposals and justifications are formulated. 

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Donna Scheeder

Donna Scheeder »

Donna Scheeder has worked at the Library of Congress for over forty years.  Early in her career, Donna was an early champion of the integration of computers in libraries, and she introduced the concept of electronic briefing books for Congress. 

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Pentagon Officers

Pentagon Officers »

Officers Marvin Caraway, Jr., Jeffrey Amos, & Colin Richards: These three Pentagon Force Protection Agency officers responded when a lone gunman opened fire at the main entrance to the Pentagon on March 4, 2010. ... All brought to the job a strong background in both law enforcement and public service, including serving in the Marines and Air Force Reserve and service with the New Orleans Police SWAT Team. 

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Karen Hughes

Karen Hughes »

Karen Hughes was appointed by President Bush to as Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy after serving as Counselor in the White House from 2000 to 2002.

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James Glassman

James Glassman »

James Glassman, a Harvard graduate and prominent writer and journalist, was confirmed by the Senate in June 2008 as Under Secretary of Public Diplomacy.  ... Since the Bush Administration left office, James has been working in the non-profit sector, and he was recently selected to lead a new public policy institute at the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

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Evelyn Lieberman

Evelyn Lieberman »

Evelyn Lieberman, a native of New York and graduate of SUNY Buffalo, first entered government service in 1988 as press secretary to then-Senator Joe Biden. ... Since 2002, Evelyn has continued her career in federal government, serving as the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the Smithsonian Institution.

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Vernon  Hunter

Vernon Hunter »

Vernon Hunter was a twenty-seven year veteran of the Internal Revenue Service and, before that, served for two decades in the Army.  ... On February 18, Vernon lost his life when a small plane struck his office building in Austin, Texas.  


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Terrence Lutes

Terrence Lutes »

Terrence Lutes was awarded the 2005 Service to America Medal for Citizen Services for leading the development of the Internal Revenue Service’s e-File program.  Terry, who spent nearly thirty years working at the IRS, served as Associate Chief Information Officer for IT Services before retiring five years ago.

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Shauna Rohbock

Shauna Rohbock »

Shauna Rohbock enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2000. She began training in Bobsled in the hopes of making it to the Olympics in Salt Lake City, just forty miles from her hometown.  While she didn’t make it to those games, Shauna made it to Torino four years later.

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Jeremy  Teela

Jeremy Teela »

Jeremy Teela joined the Army in 1997.  In addition to serving in the infantry, he participates in the Army’s World Class Athlete Program.  He is one of America’s best in the sport of Biathlon, grueling race that begins with cross-country skiing and ends with precision rifle shooting.

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Anne Gallagher

Anne Gallagher »

Anne is a native of Wilmington, Delaware, has worked at the Social Security Administration for eight years.  In 1976, she began a lifetime of public service working for then-Senator Bill Roth in his Wilmington office. Her role, as Senior Caseworker for Constituent Services, was to intercede on behalf of Delawareans with federal agencies.

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Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown »

Lisa Brown serves as President Obama’s White House Staff Secretary. ... Nearly every memo destined for the President’s desk must first pass through the hands of the Staff Secretary.

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William Phillips

William Phillips »

Dr. William Phillips began working at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in 1978. His findings have found important application in precision time-keeping, which is important for both private industry and for national security.

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Wendy  Tada

Wendy Tada »

Wendy Tada has worked at the Department of Education for nine years. When she arrived at the Department in 2000, Wendy already had a great deal of experience working to expand opportunities for rural special-needs students in Hawaii and Alaska.

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Gareth Parry

Gareth Parry »

Dr. Gareth Parry has had a distinguished career at the Nuclear
Regulatory Commission advancing our nuclear safety.  He is also a 2004
recipient of the distinguished Arthur S. Flemming Award for public
service.  Gareth, who immigrated to this country from the United
Kingdom, has over thirty years of experience in developing models for
probabilistic risk analysis - or "P.R.A."  He retired this September
after a long and distinguished career.

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Ann Azevedo

Ann Azevedo »

Ann Azevedo joined the FAA in 1997 with nearly two decades of experience in the private sector.  Working from its facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, when she first started at the FAA, Ann served as the Risk Analysis Specialist for the Engine and Propeller directorate.  In her current role as Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Aircraft Safety Analysis, Ann focuses on safety, risk management, and analyzing accidents. 

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Gregory Symes

Gregory Symes »

Command Sergeant Major Gregory Symes had already served in the Delaware Army National Guard for seven years when he started working as a federal technician for the Guard in 1989. He continues to serve with dedication and distinction in his federal role with the Guard, staying on the forefront of ever-changing telecommunications technology.

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Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson »

Dr. Stephen Anderson has worked at the EPA since 1986, and he has worked for over twenty years on promoting American leadership within the framework of the 1987 Montreal Protocol.

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Iris  Morales

Iris Morales »

No job is ever too big or too small for Iris as she quietly and competently plugs along, analyzing and correcting beneficiaries’ issues, whether it is securing a beneficiary’s lifesaving chemotherapy drugs or assuring beneficiaries that their co-payments are correct and they will be able to afford medical treatment.

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Kenneth Carfine

Kenneth Carfine »

A graduate of the University of Baltimore, Kenneth joined the Treasury department’s Financial Management Service in 1973. During his time there, Kenneth worked in banking, cash management, payments, check claims, and government-wide accounting.

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Zalmai Azmi

Zalmai Azmi »

Zalmai Azmi was fourteen years old when he fled with his family from Afghanistan. He arrived in the United States speaking very little English, and he became fluent while in high school.

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Erica Williams

Erica Williams »

Erica Williams is an attorney with the SEC’s Enforcement Division. A graduate of the University of Virginia Law School, Erica has been with the SEC for five years. During that time, she has distinguished herself as a trial lawyer on several complex cases involving accounting fraud.

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Nicole Nelson-Jean

Nicole Nelson-Jean »

When Nicole Nelson-Jean was just twenty-eight years old, she led a delegation of Energy Department negotiators in an effort to secure Russian nuclear materials in Siberia. Based out of our embassy in Tokyo, Nicole had to overcome the skepticism of her Russian counterparts, who were not accustomed to negotiating with someone her age.

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Dr. Janet Kemp

Dr. Janet Kemp »

Dr. Janet Kemp, who won this year’s Service to America Federal Employee of the Year Medal, organized a national suicide prevention hotline for veterans.  As National Director for the VA’s Suicide Prevention Program, Janet oversaw the creation of the hotline to help combat veteran suicide, which has increased significantly in recent years.

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Allan Comp

Allan Comp »

Allan Comp won the 2009 Service to America Environment Medal for his work at the Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining. He created the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed Team, a partnership between his office and VISTA volunteers who help local citizens and community groups organize clean-up projects and monitor water quality.

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Clare Rowley

Clare Rowley »

Clare Rowley is an Economic Analyst for the FDIC. She won the Service to America Call to Service Medal for helping to implement the FDIC’s mortgage modification program, which helped thousands of families stay in their homes after the collapse of subprime mortgages.

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Michael German

Michael German »

Michael German, of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has been working tirelessly to combat homelessness in America. The Interagency Council on Homelessness, which he leads, coordinates with over 850 state and local officials nationwide on efforts to help the homeless obtain medical care and permanent housing.

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Dr. Patricia Guerry

Dr. Patricia Guerry »

Dr. Patricia Guerry has demonstrated great resolve while researching an elusive vaccine. Now serving as Chief of the Naval Medical Research Center’s Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Branch, she has spent nearly thirty years studying a microbe that causes food poisoning. Researchers discovered that the most common microbe involved in food-borne illnesses is Campylobacter.

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Dr. Thomas Waldmann

Dr. Thomas Waldmann »

The winner of the 2009 Service to America Career Achievement Medal, Dr. Thomas Waldmann, has been a medical researcher at the National Institutes of Health for over fifty years. Currently, Tom is Chief of the NIH National Cancer Institute’s Metabolism Branch, and the focus of his career has been researching disorders in which the body attacks its own cells.

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Amy Meyer

Amy Meyer »

Amy Meyer, who won the 2009 Service to America International Affairs Medal, arrived in Pakistan in 2006. As Director of the USAID’s Office of Economic Development in that country, she hit the ground running by working with local women to create dairy cooperatives.

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Sean Dennehy and Don Burke

Sean Dennehy and Don Burke »

The 2009 Service to America Homeland Security Medal was shared by a pair of CIA employees who showed great intellect in solving a critical problem. In 2005, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence gave Sean Dennehy and Don Burke the task of improving information-sharing across the intelligence community.

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Ben Fisherow

Ben Fisherow »

Ben Fisherow was awarded the 2009 Service to America Justice and Law Enforcement Medal for his work to prevent air pollution. As an experienced litigator with the Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, Ben has spent over twenty years enforcing key provisions of the Clean Air Act and taking legal action against utilities that violate anti-pollution mandates.

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Orlando Figueroa

Orlando Figueroa »

When Orlando Figueroa took charge of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover project, in 2001, he set out to restore optimism and excitement after a string of setbacks. Less than three years later, under Orlando’s leadership, NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover project successfully landed some of the most advanced technology ever created onto the Martian surface.

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Christine Spicer

Christine Spicer »

Christine Spicer had worked as a secretary in the Plan Benefits Security Division (PBSD) of the Labor Department's Solicitor’s office for more than twenty-five years when she suffered a stroke. That stroke left her sight and hearing impaired and unable to walk. Instead of retiring on permanent disability, Chris underwent a grueling program of physical, occupational, and speech therapy in order to return to work.

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Pearlie Reed

Pearlie Reed »

Pearlie Reed was raised on a farm in the rural town of Heth, Arkansas, and he attended the University of Arkansas in Pine Bluff. He joined the USDA in 1968 as a student-intern for the Soil Conservation Service, and in the years that followed rose steadily in the from an entry-level soil conservator to District Conservationist, to Deputy State Conservationist, and he was eventually appointed as the State Conservationist for Maryland and California.

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Dave DiBetta

Dave DiBetta »

In 1988, Dave DiBetta of Wilmington, Delaware, joined the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) as a Special Agent. Two years later, he was transferred to the Houston Division’s Special Response Team, which focuses on high-risk missions, where we served with distinction.

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Dr. Deborah Jin

Dr. Deborah Jin »

Dr. Deborah Jin serves as a research team-leader at the JILA-National Institute of Standards and Technology joint institute in Boulder, Colorado. Deborah’s team created a new form of matter, a major discovery in the race toward superconductivity.

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John Granville

John Granville »

Working for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), John Granville exemplified the value of service above self. While on a mission in the Sudan to distribute hand-operated radio receivers to local villagers, so they could receive news about upcoming democratic elections, John was gunned down by militants.

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Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson »

Today, in parts of Africa and South Asia, hundreds of children each year still develop polio. While children in developed nations routinely receive the Salk or Sabin vaccines, this is a luxury for rural villagers in places like India, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. The CDC has set a goal of vaccinating every child on Earth. Leading this charge over the past decade, Denise Johnson serves as the Acting Chief of the CDC’s Polio Eradication Branch.

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Jeffrey Knox

Jeffrey Knox »

Before September 11th, Jeffrey Knox was a corporate lawyer on Wall Street. After that terrible day, Jeffrey was motivated to leave Wall Street and work for the Justice Department. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of New York’s Violent Crimes and Terrorism Division, Jeffrey Knox is on the front line in both the war on crime and the war on terror.

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Joe Connaughton

Joe Connaughton »

For twenty-seven years, Joe Connaughton, a decorated World War II veteran, worked for the Army Missile Command’s Research Development and Engineering Division at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

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Brian Persons

Brian Persons »

After receiving a degree in civil engineering, Brian Persons went to work in 1981 for the Navy Department as a ship architect at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard, designing and maintaining the ships of our fleet.

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Dr. Douglas Lowy & Dr. John Schiller

Dr. Douglas Lowy & Dr. John Schiller »

Working at the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research, Dr. Douglas Lowy and Dr. John Schiller pioneered discoveries that led to the creation of the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer.

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Frazer Lockhart

Frazer Lockhart »

When the former Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant near Denver was designated as a Superfund site, it was estimated to take seventy years and nearly $40 billion to clean it up. Many advocated a permanent quarantine of the site, arguing that its rehabilitation was not worth the cost.

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Dr. Rajiv Jain

Dr. Rajiv Jain »

Each year, it is estimated that two million patients develop infections while in U.S. hospitals for routine procedures. A hundred thousand of these patients die as a result, and the elderly and newborn are particularly susceptible.

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Tracy Mustin

Tracy Mustin »

Leading the charge to secure our ports, Tracy Mustin serves as Director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Second Line of Defense. Under Tracy’s leadership, her office has installed monitoring devices at more than a hundred airports, seaports, and border crossings in over forty countries, which help detect and prevent the trafficking of nuclear or radiological substances.

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Nicole Faison

Nicole Faison »

When she began her job as Director of the Office of Public Housing Programs in 2002, Nicole Faison inherited a HUD rental assistance program rated for thirteen years as a “high risk” program by the Government Accountability Office due to rampant waste, abuse, and fraud.

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Dave Carballeyra

Dave Carballeyra »

Dave Carballeyra, the Air Force’s Director of Stereolithography, introduced new 3-D technology for bone and tissue imaging, which has improved treatment and rehabilitation care for wounded veterans.

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