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Honoree for Week of March 15, 2010

Pentagon Officers

Pentagon Force Protection Agency Officers

Officers Marvin Caraway, Jr., Jeffrey Amos, & Colin Richards: These three Pentagon Force Protection Agency officers responded when a lone gunman opened fire at the main entrance to the Pentagon on March 4, 2010.  Marvin sensed something was amiss, so he walked toward the man to check his identification.  When the gunman pulled a weapon from his jacket and began firing, one of the bullets grazed Marvin’s thigh. Undeterred, he held his ground and fired back.  Colin ducked behind a barricade and began to return fire.  Hearing the shots, a third officer, Jeffrey Amos, ran over from his post nearby and joined the effort to subdue the gunman.  In the process, he was wounded in the shoulder.  The whole incident only took a minute, and the three officers fatally shot the assailant.  The quick reaction and undeterred professionalism of these three are inspiring.  All brought to the job a strong background in both law enforcement and public service, including serving in the Marines and Air Force Reserve and service with the New Orleans Police SWAT Team. 

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