Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Great Federal Employees Initiative

Honoree for Week of October 26, 2009

Kenneth Carfine

A graduate of the University of Baltimore, Kenneth joined the
  Treasury department’s Financial Management Service in
  1973. During his time there, Kenneth worked in banking, cash
  management, payments, check claims, and government-wide
  accounting. In recent years, he has worked under the Fiscal
  Assistant Secretary, serving as an advisor to senior department
  officials. His intellect and diligence have been critical as the
  Treasury addresses economic recovery. Earlier this year, Kenneth
  helped direct the Treasury’s implementation of its
  responsibilities under the American Recovery and Reinvestment
  Act. He led the development of two new departmental programs
  aimed at spurring economic growth. One of them helps renovate
  affordable housing for struggling families, and the other funds
  renewable energy initiatives. Kenneth has also earned respect as
  a leader in cash-and-debt management infrastructure. Americans
  who use a national debit card to receive their Social Security
  benefits have him to thank for leading the implementation of
  this program. His hand has helped shape how the Treasury deals
  with debt financing, trust fund administration, cash management,
  and a range of services.

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