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Honoree for Week of January 25, 2010

Anne Gallagher

Anne is a native of Wilmington, Delaware, has worked at the Social Security Administration for eight years.  In 1976, she began a lifetime of public service working for then-Senator Bill Roth in his Wilmington office. Her role, as Senior Caseworker for Constituent Services, was to intercede on behalf of Delawareans with federal agencies.  If you were a veteran and needed help accessing VA resources or benefits, Anne was the staff member who would contact the VA for you. If you were trying to adopt a child from overseas but had an issue with the State Department that needed clearing-up, Anne would clear it up.  She continued working as an advocate for Delawareans until Senator Roth left office in 2001, and she also served as his Legislative Assistant for Veterans Affairs from 1994 to 1997.  In early 2002, Anne became Regional Public Affairs Specialist for the Social Security Administration.  In this role, Anne serves as Social Security’s congressional liaison for five states and the District of Columbia, which includes ten Senate offices and forty-three House districts.  The reports issued by her office help Members of Congress, as well as other federal, state, and local officials, understand the status of Social Security distribution in their jurisdictions.  Throughout her work at Social Security and in Senator Roth’s office, Anne has earned a reputation for thoroughness, dedication, and a kind heart.  

Read Senator Kaufman's full remarks on Anne Gallagher HERE 

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