Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Great Federal Employees Initiative

Honoree for Week of September 16, 2010

Jamie Konstas

Sen. Kaufman Recognizes Great Federal Employee, Jamie Konstas

Last night, winners for eight awards were announced by the Partnership for Public Service, a leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Federal employees embody:  citizenship, hard work, a willingness to take risks, perseverance, intellect, and humility.  All nine of this year’s awardees exemplify these qualities.

This year’s Justice and Law Enforcement Medal was won by Jamie Konstas at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  An intelligence analyst, Jamie helped create a national online database used in investigations into the trafficking of minors for sex.  Before this database was created, local law enforcement officials had few resources to track child victims or information on suspects after they had crossed state lines. Jamie’s role is to spot connections and cross-reference clues to break cases wide open.  Her tireless efforts have led to the prosecution of over 500 child predators. 

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100 Great Federal Employees
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