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Great Federal Employees Initiative

Honoree for Week of September 16, 2010

Sandra Brooks

Sen. Kaufman Recognizes Great Federal Employee, Sandra Brooks

Last night, winners for eight awards were announced by the Partnership for Public Service, a leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Federal employees embody:  citizenship, hard work, a willingness to take risks, perseverance, intellect, and humility.  All nine of this year’s awardees exemplify these qualities.

As Deputy Director of Intelligence and Security and Chief of Innovative Technology for the Navy’s Joint Interagency Task Force South, Sandra Brooks won this year’s Homeland Security Medal.  Drug smugglers are constantly seeking new ways to evade our border security and customs checks.  Sandy is one of the highly-dedicated federal employees working to keep one step ahead of them. Her role is to analyze information from a stream of sources and make sure it is shared quickly with the military, law enforcement, and homeland security agencies in the field.  Sandy’s efforts have directly led to the capture of over twenty submersible vehicles used to bring illegal drugs into our country.  Her work is breaking down barriers that in the past have prevented security agencies from sharing information. 

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100 Great Federal Employees
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