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Honoree for Week of September 16, 2010

Pius Bannis

Sen. Kaufman Recognizes Great Federal Employee, Pius Bannis

Last night, winners for eight awards were announced by the Partnership for Public Service, a leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Federal employees embody:  citizenship, hard work, a willingness to take risks, perseverance, intellect, and humility.  All nine of this year’s awardees exemplify these qualities.

One important value all of this year’s winners share is concern for others.  Whether rescuing Haitian orphans from a deadly earthquake, fighting against trafficking of minors, or helping Native Americans gain access to Social Security benefits, this year’s medalists have dedicated their careers and their talents to helping others. 

This year’s Federal Employee of the Year Medal was awarded to a Citizenship and Immigration Services officer who helped expedite the adoption of more than 1,100 orphans in the wake of Haiti’s devastating earthquake in January.  Pius Bannis was the only American immigration official in the country working on adoption in the first weeks following the quake. 

He got right to work, organizing a temporary day-care in our embassy and ensuring the provision of emergency supplies to Haitian orphanages, including diapers, food, water, and clean clothes.  Pius, in the midst of this Herculean effort, also had to cope with the loss of embassy staff and their family members.  A naturalized immigrant to the United States himself, he knows firsthand the complexities of the immigration process, which makes him an outstanding CIS officer. 

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