Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

Great Federal Employees Initiative

Honoree for Week of September 21, 2009

Clare Rowley

Economic Analyst, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Clare Rowley is an Economic Analyst for the FDIC. She won the Service to America Call to Service Medal for helping to implement the FDIC’s mortgage modification program, which helped thousands of families stay in their homes after the collapse of subprime mortgages. In February, Clare, who is only twenty-five years old, found herself sitting in a high-level meeting with regulators, bankers, and Obama Administration officials on the foreclosure crisis. Despite feeling somewhat intimidated because of her age and junior position, Clare spoke up and offered important ideas that eventually made their way into the Treasury Department’s mortgage crisis recovery plan. Now, Clare is one of those instrumental in carrying out the plan.

Read Senator Kaufman's full remarks on Clare Rowley HERE

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