Ted Kaufman - United States Senator for Delaware

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Honoree for Week of September 28, 2009

Nicole Nelson-Jean

When Nicole Nelson-Jean was just twenty-eight years old, she led a delegation of Energy Department negotiators in an effort to secure Russian nuclear materials in Siberia.  Based out of our embassy in Tokyo, Nicole had to overcome the skepticism of her Russian counterparts, who were not accustomed to negotiating with someone her age.  But she quickly won their respect and developed a working relationship that enabled them to move forward on technical assistance and create a joint training and service center in the Russian Arctic for securing nuclear material.  After this achievement, Nicole was made Director of the Department of Energy’s Asia Office.  In 2006, Nicole was tapped to head the Global Threat Reduction Initiative for North and South America.  After a stint as Director of the U.S. Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna, Austria, where she helped secure passage of the IAEA’s Nuclear Security Resolution, she has now returned to the United States to participate in a ten-month program at the National Defense University as a Counter-Terrorism Fellow.

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