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Honoree for Week of September 21, 2010

Michelle  O'Neill

Sen. Kaufman Recognizes Great Federal Employee, Michelle O'Neill

Michelle O’Neill has served as Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade since 2005.  In this role, Michelle supervises the day-to-day operations of the International Trade Administration, or “ITA.”  The ITA has over 2,400 employees and an operating budget of over $400 million, and its mission is to promote American exports and ensure fair access to overseas markets for our businesses. 

Over the course of her career, she has served under five administrations and eleven secretaries of Commerce.  She has travelled to over forty countries to carry out her work. 

Throughout her career at the ITA, she has done just that – helping Americans trade fairly across borders and pursue commerce, which has always been a vehicle for achieving the American Dream.  Michelle has consistently placed her work above her own advancement and taken risks for the sake of carrying out the ITA’s core mission.  

One of her major achievements at the ITA has been resolving a major China market access barrier, for which she won a Departmental Silver Medal.  She has also been praised for her role in developing an online portal for government export assistance – called “export.gov.”  Michelle was also awarded the William A. Jump Award for exemplary service in public administration.  This June, she was honored as “Outstanding Woman of the Year” by the Association of Women in International Trade. 

Today, Michelle is part of the ITA’s leadership team, and the American people are fortunate to have her talents and experience at work for them.  She joins the ninety-nine other outstanding public servants whom I have honored weekly throughout my term. 

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