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Honoree for Week of May 24, 2010

Steve Shackleton

Ranger, National Parks Service

Steve Shackleton has been a National Park ranger for over a quarter-century.  He began his service in the 1980s at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, where he worked in the areas of search and rescue, emergency medicine, and law enforcement.  During that time, he spent six summers fighting fires in California’s Sierra National Forest.  Steve spent fourteen years in Hawaii and Alaska working on resource protection management and holds bachelor’s and master’s of science degrees in Criminology from California State University in Fresno and a master’s of public administration from the University of Alaska, Anchorage.  In the late 1990s, Steve came to Washington, where he spent three years working in the National Park Service’s legislative office and undertaking a fellowship in the United States Senate.  Afterward, Steve became the Superintendent of the Pinnacles National Monument in California’s central coast region.   From 2004-2005, he participated in the OPM’s Federal Senior Executive Candidate Development Program, which included study at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  For the last seven years, Steve served as the Chief Ranger at Yosemite National Park.  In that role, he directed the park’s programs in law enforcement, wilderness management, fire prevention, search and rescue, and remote medicine.  In February 2010, Steve was asked to return to Washington, where he now serves as the National Park Service’s Associate Director for Visitors and Resource Protection. 

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