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Honoree for Week of November 16, 2009

Ann Azevedo

Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Aircraft Safety Analysis, Federal Aviation Administration

Ann Azevedo joined the FAA in 1997 with nearly two decades of experience in the private sector. Working from its facility in Burlington, Massachusetts, when she first started at the FAA, Ann served as the Risk Analysis Specialist for the Engine and Propeller directorate.  In her current role as Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Aircraft Safety Analysis, Ann focuses on safety, risk management, and analyzing accidents.  From the data she gathers, Ann is able to develop solutions to help prevent future incidents.  Regularly representing the FAA at national and international air safety round-tables, Ann has become a respected voice among those engaged in risk management analysis.  She helped write the training manuals for turbofan and turboprop aircraft used across the industry, and she continues to teach risk analysis at the FAA Academy.   Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems Planning and Management in Applied Mathematics and a master’s of science in Mechanical Engineering.  Ann was awarded the Arthur S. Flemming Award for public service in 2002 for developing safety solutions that resulted in a 64% decrease in the commercial aviation fatality rate between 1998 and 2002.  She also was honored as Distinguished Engineer of the Year by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering in 1996. 

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